We are offering you healthy, crystal, high quality water in your home , office , plants .Water is supplied in 19 litres bottles with free delivery.

To make you able to enjoy all benefits of hot and cold bottled   water we propose you to equip your office or home with the watercoolers .

This device serving  continuously

  • hot water ready for brewing tea, coffee, instant soup and meals,

  • cold water, refreshing  and tasteful, excellent for making drinks with or without the fruit juice as well.

The watercoolers are designed to provide  comfortable, safe and hygienic supply  of clear  natural spring water even in very dusty places.

 Hot or cold water always at yours hand , cheap and effortlessly !

 If you are not going to chose one of the watercoolers we could recommend you :

·       the water pump manual and electric

·       porcelain dispenser with faucet – also hand painted,

·       different kinds of stands under the bottles and porcelain dispenser.

 Just call us on the infoline and the one of our representatives pays  a visit in suitable time to present complete  offer.

We would like to inform you that you can place an order by e-mail choosing  local

trade representative.

We are checking  the email orders within three sessions ( 8.00 a.m,11.00a.m.,14.00 a.m. ) The confirmation of the orders we send  within half  hour after receiving the order.

 For further details please call us on 0 801 800 118.Our sales department will be glad to help you.

 We kindly recommend you to go through all links, as it is a good source of information about our distribution system "Zródełko w domu i pracy " network.