The problem of low quality water in local water system we could easy solve byproposing our "¬ródełko w domu i pracy " network which serve natural drinking water from selected underground springs located in the area free from industrially pollution named Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, precisely – in closed neighbourhood of Jurassic Landscape National Park.

We can ensure you that the water offered in "¬ródełko w domu i pracy" network has got following characteristics :

  • high bacteriological purity,

  • free from different kinds of civilising contamination,

  • free from mechanical refuse,

  • contains many mineral nutriments important for keeping fit your body.

Our bottling plants comply the highest standards that drinking water requires and are constantly supervised by local Sanitary-Epidemiological Authorities.

Natural drinking water "¬rodelko w domu i pracy " has got a very good taste.

You can really enjoy your coffee and tea as well as cold drinks just piping hot or cold refreshing water from your cooler.

Finally we are able to conclude:

water offered in the network "¬ródełko w domu i pracy " is healthy and tasteful.


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